Vast Active Living Library

The Vast Active Library is a service organization that provides its users media. These media may contain information (such as non-fiction) or the entertainment serve (such as music CDs).

Access to and use are usually free and free borrowings for a small annual fee possible. Most libraries are funded with tax money, but also religious, public and private organizations and companies maintain libraries.

The central service of libraries is to make media available for use. In many cases, users can rent and take out of the library for a specified period.Some libraries also provide support to the publication of your own texts or teaching materials to (for example, as a publisher of a university, or any provision of infrastructure for the e-learning), the teaching of information literacy (mostly in academic libraries) or the promotion of reading skills (mostly at public libraries). The central operations are the acquisition and separation of media, as well as the cataloging of media, the activities library magazine and the circulation desk.